Office: C5/1120

I have a BSc degree in Environmental Sciences (UAB, 2002) and a PhD in Biology (UB, 2006). I did my PhD research at the Surface Hydrology and Erosion Research Group, now at IDAEA-CSIC. I have carried out my postdoctoral research at Solfranc Tecnologías (2007-2008), at Durham University (UK, 2008-2009) and at CREAF (since 2009).

My research is focused on plant ecophysiology and its influence on the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems within a context of global change. Specifically, I have made relevant contributions on (i) vegetation water use at different spatiotemporal scales, (ii) ecological variability in plant drought responses, (iii) the mechanisms and consequences of drought-induced mortality in forests and (iv) the role of vegetation on the carbon cycle. 

Most of my research is grounded on the observation of plant ecophysiological processes in the field, specially in mediterranean, temperate and subarctic forests and woodlands. Lately, I have also worked with large databases such as the Ecological and Forest Inventory of Catalonia and I coordinate, since 2015, the first global database of plant water use (SAPFLUXNET).



Physiological ecology of plants and ecosystems. Water and carbon cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. Drought responses of plants and ecosystems. Management of ecological data: from field measurements to databases.


Recent publications under CREAF affiliation