Office: C5b-024
I obtained PhD in Environmental Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, 2001). I am now Senior Lecturer at UAB and researcher at CREAF, and I have been Honorary Fellow at the University of Edimburg (UK). I obtained an ICREA award in 2014.
My research aims at improving our understanding of the functioning of natural systems, focusing on the study of: (1) the use and long-distance transport of water and carbon in plants; (2) forest responses to environmental changes, emphasizing drought effects in a climate change context; and (3) the distribution and variability of plant functional traits and their role on vegetation function and dynamics, including the provision of ecosystem services.
I am associate editor of the journals Tree Physiology and Journal of Plant Hydraulics.
I have authored two books: Ecología con números (Lynx Edicions, 2006), with Josep Piñol; and Un planeta a la deriva, converses sobre el canvi global (La Magrana, 2011), with Daniel Sol, Jaume Terradas and José Luis Ordóñez.


Environmental modelling

Forest and climate change, hidraulic, droughts