Office:  C5/1072
Ecologist and limnologist who uses empirical and theoretical approaches to study ecological dynamics across scales. Present research interest divides into two main areas: Global Change Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology.
1) Global Change Ecology: primarily studying remote freshwater ecosystems (e.g. alpine lakes) and their links with terrestrial ecosystems, and addressing questions on ecological patterns and process related to current and past climate changes and long-range transport pollution.
2) Evolutionary Ecology: focussing on the analysis of the ecological restrictions to the evolution of life from a tropho-kinetic perspective, investigating how fundamental restrictions in physical encounters, energetic demands and biochemical composition of the organisms condition the evolution of form and behaviour and eventually the distribution of life forms.


Biogeodinamics, Food webs, Paleolimnology

Biodiversity, Ecology of Global Change, Evolutionary ecology