Office: C5b/062
PhD in Biology and MsC in Geographical Information Technologies. He has been professor of Ecology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona since 2006 and a researcher at CREAF since 1997. He has been responsible for over 80 scientific publications, including articles in SCI journals and other journals and book chapters.
He focuses his research on landscape ecology, particularly the relationship of landscape structure and dynamics with species richness and composition, and on the application of these results in land planning. He also works on the ecology of biological invasions, particularly the study of species invasiveness and the invasibility of habitats and regions. In all his research he uses a spatially explicit perspective that includes the generation and analysis of digital cartography. He coordinates several information systems on biodiversity and the historical cartography of land.


Invasion risk, Extinction debt, Immigration credit, Ecología del paisaje

Landscape ecology, Land-use planning, Biological invasions

Information systems and databases, Digital cartography