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Office: C5b/018
I have been Director of the CREAF since July 2005 and Professor of Ecology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
My research is focused on forest dynamics and the effects of disturbances, in particular fire, on animal and plant communities.
At the CREAF I supervise a research group on “Dynamics of forest ecosystems and fire ecology”, which has been recognized as a Group of Excellence by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.
I have published more than 200 papers, more than 100 of them in international scientific SCI journals. I have received five research awards (“tramos de investigación”).
I have been the principal researcher on several national research projects. I have participated in projects funded by the UE, in other national projects and in relevant contracts with administrations.
In particular, I am now the coordinator of a large CONSOLIDER project, MONTES, a research program to study the effects of global change on Spanish woodlands coordinated by CREAF. This project was funded with 4 million euros in 2008 and brings together more than 100 researchers from nine Spanish institutions that conduct research in forestry and environment.
I have directed 13 Ph D dissertations and many master’s theses.


Dynamics and carbon balance of Mediterranean forests under climatic and management gradients, Causes and consequences of large fires and land use changes and their impact on animal and plant communities, Changes in the structure of ant communities in response to environmental factors and competition

Recent publications under CREAF affiliation