Office: C5/1100
PhD in Biological Sciences (UAB, 1992). I am a senior researcher at CREAF since 1998.
My research focuses on forest ecology, particularly, in the factors and processes involved in forest dynamics in environmental gradients and in response to disturbances (e.g. wildfires, drought, herbivory). This is why I am interested in the factors driving the variability on seed production, the balance among positive and negative plant-animal interactions (seed predation or dispersal, herbivory) and, finally, seedling recruitment or resprouting patterns.
As forests are subjected to the effects of an intense global change (climatic, fragmentation, habitat lost or expansion), in the core of my research, there is the aim of designing more efficient and adaptive forestry practices to face these uncertain ecological scenarios. I carry out most of my research in Mediterranean and tropical-dry forests.



Seed predation and seed dispersal ecology, Management of natural regeneration after disturbances (wildfires, drought, grazing). Land use changes and “new” forest expansion.