We offer exciting and stimulating work environments with challenging projects, excellent career development, travel opportunities and access to the latest research and state-of-the-art technology.

Facilities to support your research

CREAF is a renowned research center, equipped with different laboratories and hosting powerful computing facilities. 

Students and postdocs have access to laboratories for water analysis, acid digestions, gas chromatography, soil processing and analysis, plant material preparation, and microscopes. CREAF has other infrastructure necessary for proper analysis and processing of samples, such as cold storage chambers, freezers, stoves, driers, filtration equipment and deionized distilled water, hoods and centrifuges. It also has vehicles for field campaigns. Field infrastructures and experimental facilities available for PhD students are the following: Biological Station of Can Balasc, which includes extra storage for samples, experimental plots and natural areas where to carry out place-based research;  Torre Marimon: it is a silvo-pastoral farm equipped with large laboratory and experimental facilities where CREAF trainees can perform field studies;  Experimental fields in the UAB campus: these facilities include experimental plots, greenhouses and other well-equipped infrastructures for scientific research. 

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Internal Services to support your research

CREAF offers several services that are available to all trainees, both PhD students and postdocs. These services are provided by different departments or units:

  • MODELING AND DATA ANALYSIS. CREAF has two contracted research consultants that assist trainees regarding experimental design, statistical data treatments, modeling, management of large databases, and other topics needed for the development of their research. 
  • EUROPEAN AND NATIONAL CALLS. It offers a tailored-made service that guarantees an agile flow of information on funding opportunities for new projects and fellowships. It provides proposal preparation assistance to trainees and administrative support during the duration of the grant and to prepare for the next career stage. 
  • COMMUNICATION. This department offers a complete set of tailor-made services and guidance to the CREAF research community to communicate its research findings and milestones results to target audiences. These services include multimedia outreach material production, collaborative outreach content creation, spokesperson and scientific communication techniques training, among others.

In addition, as part of the UAB Campus, CREAF benefits from extra facilities provided by the university for CREAFs trainees. These include laboratories and units such as the Service of Statistics, Chemical Analysis Service, Genome Analysis Service, Laboratory of Stable Isotope Analysis, among others. . This is complemented with libraries, supports facilities and other complementary services.

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Career Development

CREAF actively promote ongoing training and other development opportunities to our staff. Through these initiatives, we aim to enhance job satisfaction and performance, and assist in the preparation for new roles or changes in career direction.

CREAF has a strong long-term commitment for the training of junior researchers. Ever since 1998, CREAF has coordinated a well-consolidated PhD program in Terrestrial Ecology offered by UAB. The PhD program provides training activities to be developed during the doctorate period like attendance to international or national meetings, workshops, seminars or summer schools.

CREAF also collaborates with other training programs designed to promote and facilitate career-oriented professional development in the field of research for students and young researchers. It combines academic and teaching actions with the support of universities and other international research centers.

Moreover, CREAF annually organizes courses for all their employees to provide opportunities to improve the researchers' skills in thinking critically, responsible research and innovation, analyzing data with up-to-date methods, communicating discoveries effectively and planning for their future, in or out of research.

As a part of UAB sphere, all CREAF employees can benefit from the UAB Career Development program that regularly organizes trans-disciplinary activities and courses aimed at all branches of sciences.

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