Validez de la oferta: 
De 12 Abr 2021 hasta 9 Mayo 2021
Número de oferta: 21-009-94001Evaluation period

CREAF is seeking three staff researchers to pursue independent, internationally recognized research programs. We seek outstanding colleagues who will complement and enhance our existing strengths, and further develop our intellectual community. Candidates would lead their own research project. Proposals are open to those developing theoretical or empirical work or based on analysis of large databases. Multidisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome. We are especially interested in a science for solutions approach to global challenges, with emphasis in:
1. Biodiversity conservation and restoration
     o Research focus: a) biodiversity conservation—from species to habitats and ecosystems, b) human-made ecosystems 
     ecology. Desirable experience: big data and/or molecular tools. Other interests: One Health.
2. Global change & social ecology
     o Research focus: a) ecosystem level processes, b) global change adaptation, c) integrating social-ecological systems: 
     ecosystem services, d) human-made ecosystems. Desirable experience: big data and earth observation. Other interests: 
     One Health, sustainability.
3. Big data ecologist
    o Research focus: a) human-made ecosystems, b) complex systems, c) earth observation. Desirable experience: big data 
    analysis. Other interests: One Health.

Positions are full-time research, with a total contract duration of three years with possibilities of stabilization via specific tenure-track, with a desired start in July 2021. Positions are based in Bellaterra (Barcelona, Spain).
CREAF has a strong commitment to diversity, recruiting and supporting the career development of applicants from underrepresented genders and minorities, and for this reason two of the three positions offered will be exclusively for women.

We offer:

  • Annual salary of €36-42k (salary commensurate with experience).
  • Start-up funds are negotiable.
  • Specific lab/technology requirements are negotiable.
  • Relocation expenses are negotiable.


CREAF is a multidisciplinary ecology research center located in Bellaterra (Barcelona, Spain), at 25 Km from Barcelona city. Established in 1988 as a public consortium, CREAF has been recognized with the highest recognition to Spanish research centers, the “Center of Excellence Severo Ochoa” award, by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. CREAF’s cutting-edge science has consolidated its researchers among international leaders in terrestrial ecology and global change, and has created an excellent network of international researchers. CREAF’s research focuses on global change, biodiversity, earth observation and ecosystem functioning, with the mission of bridging between academia, administrations, and society, promoting awareness and exchanging knowledge at the local, regional, and global levels.
You will be joining a vibrant community of >200 professionals imbedded in the Autonomous University of Barcelona campus. Our facilities include CREAF’s labs, UAB campus facilities and those of associated institutions. Furthermore, CREAF has a pioneer Communication and Outreach Office and a Social Impact Office to maximize connecting your research to society.
CREAF is a good place to define your career while enjoying a high-quality work/life balance. We are home to some of the most talented scholars and researchers from around the world who are tackling global issues and making a difference to people's lives.

- Contribute to CREAF's highest-level scientific production (SCI papers).
- Contribute to establishing an international presence.
- Establish an externally funded research program.
- Lead or participate in scientific projects, both at the national and international level.
- Contribute to the outreach and dissemination of CREAF’s research activity.
- Contribute to undergraduate and graduate research mentoring.
- Work with a diverse team of colleagues.
- Contribute to CREAF’s research social impact.

- Applicants must have a PhD, post-doctoral research experience in a relevant field and evidence of research junior leader experience (equivalent to assistant professor or research fellow positions). The desirable postdoctoral + junior leader experience would be >5 years.
- Experience leading research projects and/or advising PhD thesis.
- Research aligned with CREAF’s research.

1. Relevance of scientific production:

  • High standard publications, particularly in SCI articles.
  • Highly cited publications.
  • Other publications.
  • Communications in congresses and workshops.
  • Invited conferences in prestigious centers.
  • Participation in research projects, particularly international ones.
  • Technology production and transfer (incl. big databases, informatic applications, etc.).
  • Awards and prizes.

2. Mobility and networking:

  • Stages in other centers.
  • Publications and patents with diverse groups.
  • Participation in international workshops and work teams.
  • Representation in scientific and/or academic societies or institutions.

3. Leadership:

  • Leadership in projects, particularly international ones, and contracts (including relevant Postdoctoral Grants and Fellowships).
  • Team building and management.
  • PhD and MSC supervision (both defended and ongoing).
  • Supervision of other academic works.
  • Leadership training.

4. Impact and RRI:

  • Research results that have led to changes in management plans, programs or policy making processes.
  • Involvement in collective actions (e.g., Center Strategic Plans, cross-cutting projects).
  • Evaluation and review tasks (e.g., for academic positions, in editorial committees).
  • Event (congresses and workshops) organization.
  • Citizen Science projects.
  • Outreach and dissemination activities.
  • Teaching.


Application will be done by filling this form. Please have ready to upload to the form the subsequent documents (.pdf, .doc and .docx format accepted):

  • Standard CV.
  • Statement of interest letter (2 pages maximum).
  • Document with a summary of your 5 most relevant research contributions, including projects, contracts or publications (1 page maximum: reference, short abstract and scientific relevance).

The reception of all applications will be notified by an automatic reply from the same application form.

The deadline for submitting applications is 09 May 2021 at 23:59.

In case you would find any problem in the application process, do not hesitate to contact to

A list of admitted and excluded candidates will be published on CREAF job board (openings) section on 24 May 2021. Candidates will have until 28 May 2021 for any allegation to this list, sending an email to

Applicants prioritized in the selection process will later be summoned along June, via e-mail for an interview.

All applications will be administratively screened. Applications meeting all requirements will be evaluated and ranked by an international 5 members independent Evaluation Committee with a 60/40 gender ratio. Members of the Evaluation Committee will made public in the job board.

Candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria and weights:

  • Scientific and technical production: 40%
  • Mobility and networking: 10%
  • Leadership: 25%
  • Impact and RRI: 25%

The criteria for selecting researchers will focus on both the candidates' past performance and their future potential. Future potential will be measured through an interview phase where the best candidates per position will introduce their CV and explain a research plan for the next 3 years.

Evaluation criteria will be weighted by effective activity period (years from the doctorate, discounting recognized periods of maternity or paternity, care for dependent people, and/or sick leave).

Gender balance actions: in order to comply with CREAF’s Equality Plan objectives, applications by women researchers are especially encouraged. Two specific measures will be applied to the priority list:
Two of the three positions offered will be reserved for women researchers. These positions will be occupied by the first women on the prioritization list.
Prioritization of women in case of equal merits. In the assessment process, if two applicants obtain substantially equivalent scores (with a difference of at most 2% of the maximum possible score), the applicant of the least represented sex will be chosen, in this case the woman. This measure will be applied to the non-reserved position.

The Evaluation Committee will provide to the Direction of the Centre the ordered provisional list of the candidates with their punctuations. Once the redress procedure has finished, this provisional list will become final.

All applicants will have received notice at the end of the selection process. All candidates that were admitted to the interview phase will be informed about the strengths and weaknesses of their application.

Redresses will look at procedural shortcomings and into possible errors, not against evaluation panel decisions or experts’ ratings and comments. The selection and evaluation processes themselves ensure the independence and the objectivity of the evaluation.

Within ten calendar days from the date the results notifications are sent, candidates may submit a redress by sending an e-mail to, which must include an explanatory text together with the documents that the candidate deems appropriate.

The redresses will be resolved by an appeals committee, expressly chosen by the Management Support Team, made up of three members of the Centre not involved in the area or position to be filled. Men and women will be represented on this committee.

The redresses presented will be examined by the appeals committee within a period of 10 working days from the day after receipt of the same. The appeals committee will dictate the final list of applicants, which will be communicated in writing to the interested parties by the means that proves the receipt of the communication.

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