Validez de la oferta: 
De 28 Sep 2020 hasta 30 Oct 2020
Número de oferta: 20-032-94001Resuelto

CREAF is seeking for an infrastructure coordinator, to work full-time on the SEVERO OCHOA program (2018 SEVERO OCHOA Excellence Centers, ref. CEX2018-000828-S, from the Agencia Estatal de Investigación).This contract is envisaged to start in November 2020, and it will end in December 2023. The salary offered is 28.207,63 € gross per year.

- Ensure good laboratory practices (safety, cleaning, organization of work spaces) and supervision of the maintenance of the laboratories and equipment of CREAF and Can Balasc.
- Carry out the reorganization and conditioning of the research infrastructures of CREAF and Can Balasc.
- Do the upkeep of the LTER plots and carry out the periodic data collection and processing.
- Upkeep, organization and updating of the register of samples and material of the warehouse of Can Balasc, and periodic transport of samples.
- To be the representative of CREAF to other institutions with infrastructure used by CREAF members, as well as international LTER research networks.
- Creation of the administrative process to access Can Balasc and the LTERs for internal or external users, and advisory to external users of the experimental services available on the UAB campus or in others.

- Degree in Biology, Environmental Biology or Environmental Sciences
- Proven ability in coordination and organization tasks (with documents attached, without the documents the application will be discarded)
- Accredited experience in various field and laboratory techniques and in the upkeep of devices (with documents attached, without the documents the application will be discarded)
- Proven experience in research tasks (with documents attached, without the documents the application will be discarded)
- Fluency in English
- Driving licence

- Training level of master and/or PhD in Biology or similar
- Training courses in relation to the tasks to be carried out (safety, experimental/analytical techniques, data management, etc.).

The selection process is led by a commission made up of four members of the center and one external, and will be overseen by the Management Office and the Staff Management Area of CREAF. This process consists of:
1. Admission of candidates: applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, a cover letter (maximum 500 words), the questionnaire attached to the offer (filled) and documents that prove and accredited all experiences and abilities that are requested in the offer by e-mail to, until 30 october 2020, indicating the reference code of the offer. Applications referred to another portal, other than CREAF job openings section and the instructions included in this, will not be accepted.
2. Pre-selection: determination of compliance with the minimum requirements of the offer.
3. Selection: assessment of the preselected candidates by scoring based on objective criteria.
4. Final decision: in case of finding the suitable person, the election will be formally communicated to him/her, and the identification of the chosen person will be published on CREAF job openings section.

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